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Just got my exam results and just as I thought I failed. There was a few things that caught me out, typically the IAS was on Revenue which was 1 of the ones I didnt really read up on. I think I was ok on the ratios but I got caught out on the first part with income statements etc.

I have done all the practise ones and they seemed ok but on the actual exam there was something in there that I didnt have a clue on how to work out. Of course its was 6 weeks ago and I cant remember what it was.

Has anyone else been caught out on the first part of the exam with something strange in the "further information" section they didnt know how to calculate or adjust??


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    By the sounds of things I had the same exam and I also think I have failed. I felt the same as yourself prepared for the exam after completing the on line exams and all the questions in the question bank,but I am always bad on the actual day (must be an exam thing)
    I had revenue (IAS) and also the income statement which had a lot of additional in information regarding reducing the valuation of stock, adjusting for allowance for doubtful debts etc so on so on

    The thing which frustrated me most is that I knew all this and went blank in the exam,:ohmy:

    Don't feel deflated though, this is a tough exam to tackle. I spent 6 weeks on this and only 2 weeks on BGT,

    Good luck with your resit and fingers crossed for us both next time :)

    Annie x x :thumbup:
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