After AAT, Other finance roles?

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Hi Guys,

Was just wondering if anybody or you knew anybody that once received their AAT qualifications, went onto any other financial roles?

Such as a financial advisor etc?

I am interested in this route and my father was a financial advisor many years ago, i believe the pay is quite good and you get all the perks if you work at a bank.

If anybody has any stories/updates they could discuss please forward them :)



  • SashaDella
    SashaDella Registered Posts: 362
    Any responses on this? What roles can you do/begin to do?

    Financial Advisor sounds good! Would most likely need a higher qualification than AAT though?
  • wbauk2002
    wbauk2002 Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
    Might be wrong but I think theres a different qualification for finance services
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