Daytime Study Workshops - North Wales (near Chester)

Sonya Ashbarry
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Today we are launching our brand new daytime Study Workshops.

We're offering a massive 50% discount on our first two workshops which will be delivered in April and May!

The workshops are designed to target the learning areas which students often find challenging and where national exam performance is generally lower. The first two workshops time-tabled are:

- Double-entry bookkeeping (Friday 27th April)

- Ratio analysis and report writing in your exam (Friday 25th May)

Other workshops will follow. You can register your interest in these.

Please visit our website to find out more

There are many benefits to attending a workshop. Sharing your learning experience with tutors and other students can improve knowledge, understanding, retention and recall. Also, if you're struggling with motivation, they can give that boost to your motivation and confidence that might be needed in order to achieve your goal.

Please let others know about them

Many thanks

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01978 722511

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