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Hi Guys,

I sat my Budgeting exam on 11th of Feb has been 4 weeks and 4 days now, i still haven't received my results.

Has anyone taken exam around that date and got results back.

I am so tensed i keep checking MYAAT every few hours every day.
I heard lot of students here saying they received their results in 4 weeks i got FNST results in 4 weeks 2 days, hoping same for this one.

Please keep fingers crossed for me.



  • Ilyzbiz
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    Hi siva, I am soon to sit mine - how did you find it? As the practice or trickier? Easiest one yet for L4?
  • AuntieT
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    My Budgeting result took almost 2 month is memory serves me right (it was a year ago), but to be fair it was the day that the system crashed!

    I've not had any results back in less than 5 weeks 6 days!
  • siva
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    Hi Ilybiz,

    98% of the questions were similar to practice ones. Its is just the multiple choice questions that were bit different to the practice ones but you will be able make out the answers.

    I was lucky i had the written questions similar to practice ones, but still worried about result.

    Dont worry too much about the problems as they are 100% same just concentrate on theoritical questions.
  • satherton87
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    I think resluts are taking a while at the moment. It'll be 6 weeks tomorrow since i've sat my FNPF and i've still not got results.
  • siva
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    6 Weeks, thats a long wait. I just hope i get the results within this week.

    How was the FNPF exam, i am gonna take FNPF next. Have you done Budgeting. how many more exams do you have left in this level.
  • satherton87
    satherton87 Registered Posts: 6 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Well i was expecting my resukts this morning as it hs now been six weeks (AAT say it takes up to 6 weeks) but i've still not got them. :mad2:

    FNPF is quite a good one to take after budgeting because they are very similar. I did Cost & Revenues as my last unit at level 3 and the did budgeting and FNPF first at level 4 and there was loads of stuff that we were taught in all 3 units. Not sure if thats just BPP's notes though.

    If you've found budgeting ok then you'll be fine with FNPF.
  • siva
    siva Registered Posts: 54 💫 🐯 💫
    Thanks Satherton87, it makes me feel better now. i am studying with Kaplan distance learning. I noticed half of the chapters were the same in FNPF book as BGT. Just waiting for results haven't started FNPF yet.
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