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One of my clients got a call from HMRC last week Wednesday saying that they still owed £2700 from 2010/11 PAYE and that someone was coming in on Friday to check the P35 and collect the money. My client explained that I had completed the P35 and was coming in today and asked if they could wait until today to sort it out but they insisted in visiting last friday.

HMRC did turn up on Friday and were basically saying that unless me client agreed to pay this money they would call the bailiffs right then & there. They eventually agreed to pay £900 of it on Friday and the rest today after I'd been in.

What it turned out had happened is that HMRC had sent a letter in June 2011 saying (correctly) that there was £5400 due for 2010/11 and my client had paid it in two sums of £2700, one of which had mistakenly been allocated to 2011/12 as she forgot to put the suffix at the end.

We've got it sorted out now, but I'm just posting this as a warning - HMRC seem to be getting very heavy-handed about this now!!


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    I am having no end of problems with them. One client they closed his account however, it appeared active on my client list it was only when I went to change the address (they had been informed by post but didn't change it hence closing the account due to return to sender letters) that I got an error message, logged query and it took months to find out it was a deleted account, I reinstated the account and then we got the letters P35's not been filed for 2 years, well I had submission receipts, once that had been tied up, we are now getting letters saying not been paid, I have given bank details of all payments and still my client is getting nasty letters as it is only £180 he has paid again to stop the interest/letters. This has been going on since July. Another clients payment has been allocated to the wrong year and nasty letters start again sooo frustrating and makes me look bad. I am going to do a complaint and see what happens no word of a lie I have been on the phone to them for over 4 hours for this one client
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    I agree with Jodie. HMRC are getting much more agressive; seems a harsh word but the only one i can come up with! I was at a clients doing their payroll and they came in demanding payment for VAT on a second company my client they had set up; as a prepayment on what their VAT would be and that they were setting up monthly returns instead of quarterly ones for the new company. I don't do the VAT, it is dealt with in house. I do know that my clients first company had got behind previously with their VAT payments but were keeping to the payment agreement to clear the arrears and keep up to date going forward. I can see where they are coming from but to turn up on the clients premises demanding an on account payment before the VAT return is due seems a bit too far!
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    I hope you bill HMRC for your (wasted) time!


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    Dean wrote: »

    I hope you bill HMRC for your (wasted) time!



    They will pay you!

    Once you've me their convoluted procurement rules, got onto their approved supplier list and then managed to get a purchase order from them. :D

    It really is an abuse of their power! (What the OP said)
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