Time to say goodbye.....

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So, it's with sadness that inform you all of my decision to quit the AAT. Unfortunately, after careful thought and consideration, it came to be the best choice for me.

I have been struggling significantly for a while now and I know that this just isn't the career for me. After failing my exams and trying to study and study again for my re-sits, still proving unsuccessful, I knew I just couldn't carry on.
The AAT (which intially started out as something that I really loved), turned out to be something that I was beginning to hate. The hours of studying and still not being able to understand or comprehend things in the way that I wanted, led me to think about my future in acountancy and that future no longer included me in it.

I am happy with my decision and although I'm going to miss you all, because we've all become a great network and team. :( But life goes on (as they say) and I'm eager to make my life happier by doing something that I know I can love.

With all that being said, I have ALOT of textbooks that I no longer require and am looking to sell them on.

Osbourne tutorial textbooks:

Cost & Revenues - used, but if you don't mind the highlighter throughout the text, it's otherwise in perfect condition!

AP1 & 2 - same condition as above.

Indirect Tax - used, but only partly highlighted and in perfect condition.

Cash Management - same condition as above.

Spreadsheets - brand new.

Professional Ethics - brand new.

BPP Question Bank Revision Books:

I have one for each module, besides AP2.

Kaplan Revision Kits:

AP2 - brand new.

Indirect Tax - brand new.

Kaplan Pocket Notes:

AP2 - brand new.

Cost & Revenues - brand new.

BPP Passcards:

Cash Management - brand new.

Indirect Tax - brand new.

The following prices are as follows:

Osbourne texts - £10 each

BPP Question Bank - £8 each

Kaplan Revision Kit - £8 each

Kaplan & BPP pocket notes and passcards - £5 each.

Anyone who is interested please email me: k_campbell83@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks Guys!!



  • MarkT
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    Sorry to read this, I'm sure that you'll make a success of your choice when you settle on it - look after youself

    Mark x
  • janwal
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    Good luck Kirsty in whatever you decide

    Jan x
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Kirsty

    I too am sorry to read your posting, but do understand where you are coming from.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do now... and don't forget you can always come back and study for your AAT again in the future should things change for you.

    All the best.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • KaySarah
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    It must have taken you a lot of soul searching and heartache to reach this decision Kirsty and the adage Be True Only Unto Yourself holds true.

    You have given it your best shot and there is nothing at all to stop you returning If and When you feel ready again (or never).

    I wish all the Happiness & Success in the world in whatever new venture it is you find yourself in. We spend an awful lot of hours at work for us not to enjoy what we do.

    Reach for your dreams, aim high.

    Take care

    Kay x
  • PGM
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    It must be the hard decision to accept things aren't working and move on. Hopefully you're next career move will suit you better :)
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