In a quandry

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What do you do when you take on a new job,different company, which you thought was a step up the ladder, to find things are not as straight as they should be?


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    Every so often I read (and sometimes write) criticisms of the wording of exam questions. Perhaps your question highlights how difficult it is to right the clear question we mean.

    Your word straight is my question. Have you found that your employer has asked you to produce accounts in a way that you consider is crooked?
    Is your new employer engaged in illegal activities?

    If my interpretation of straight is the one you mean, I would go straight to the boss (or owner) rather than your immediate supervisor and politely and firmly explain that you will not continue working for him/her, say thank you for the opportunity but point out that as an accountant there are ethical considerations that you have to adhere to.

    This is important, he/she might even have a friend in a more legitimate business he/she could refer you to. I would imagine, you will be treated with respect and possibly helped to find another job. After all, he/she will not want you telling the authorities that there are illegal activities going on.

    I do not recommend continuing to work in an environment where the activities are not straight. It will not help your long-term prospects.
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    I think thats where the phrase: "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" comes from.
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    Maybe the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but what would life be if we all stayed put and took no risks.

    Apologies for not being straight forward, maybe I should have said above board, now is that right or write.
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