Small business in excel 2007

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I really need some help to start up a small busines in excel 2007. I am trying to set up a Cash Book designed to handle all the bookkeeping needs for small business in Excel 2007.The Cash Book to include if possible the items below:

Income and expense items
Sales and purchase ledgers
Unlimited accounts added or inserted with a click of the button
Bank reconciliations
Balance sheet
Profit & Loss and Cash Flow
Aged Customer and Supplier Summary Reports if posible
Trial Balance with Monthly Movement and YTD Balance
Accrual prepayments
VAT Return summary

Can anyone please help?
Thank you very much:)


  • KaySarah
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    in Excel!!!

    You would need to write it in Access and use an awful lot of Macros.

    Why don't you just use some of the free accounting online software and save yourself an awful lot of grief and also have the peace of mind of knowing you haven't missed anything and it will automatically run all your Year End processes for you too.

    Check out the posts by Stefanboro .. he has listed quite a few. Wave being amongst them.
  • angi13
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    Thank you very much for your advise :)
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