Professional Ethics - Exam tomorrow - any tips

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Hi all,

I have my Professional Ethics tomorrow, and feel slightly confident.

I have tried the 2 Mock exam/CBA on Kaplan and passed them okay, and will try the one on AAT after work today.

Can anyone suggest any tips? I am finding it difficult remembering all the Acronym.




  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Posts: 420Registered
    Hi Ying,

    I know it might be late now but here is a link of some audio presentations which you may have seen already but hopefully they should help if you havent seen them.

    Let us know how you get on!
  • ykwong1978ykwong1978 Feels At Home Posts: 48Registered
    Hi Martin,

    I saw the link this morning and I managed to listen to it all as my exam was at 11:30am.

    I am so glad to say that I passed the exam (phew), and I was not looking forward to failing this if I did.

    It was okay in general. It took me about 25 minutes to answer all the questions, then I re-read it and took another 20 minutes changing the answers... I definitely recommend anyone sitting this to re-read the question as I mis-read it first time round.

    Now, Spreadsheet and Cash Management to go... but really glad this exam is out of the way.
  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Posts: 420Registered
    CONGRATS! This is a good milestone as the area is very dry and the only other worse thing with areas like this is having to resit!

    I hope the material helped you out!

    Hope all is well for spreadsheets and cash mgt! :)

    All the best!

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