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I am taking my EXA (such a dry subject!) test on 26th March and am currently going through the mocks. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help out with the written sections. The tasks require suggestions on risks, procedures and/or recommendations. There seems to be suggestions for 'extended writing' in most of the other exams (passed FNST - found suggestions really helpful), so really hoping there is something out there to help!

Any ideas would be great!!


  • The Magician
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    It's a tough one EXA. I think harder than any of the other units. Despite what people say.

    You want to try a revision kit like Kaplan for the written sections. They also normally include a mock at the back of the revision kit. All totally invaluable.

    You could also try the EXA workbook from Osbourne that contains two mock exams and additional questions.

    Go through both mock exams on this site. There was only one when I did it.

    I think the written section is what separates a pass from a fail.

    Just go through all the components for potential risk like debtors, creditors, bank, cash, stock, WIP, assets and Liabilities from your text book and memorise!!!

    Best of luck dude! If you can pass EXA, you can complete L4!
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    I am sooo pleased to hear that you feel EXA is tough - I thought it was just because it doesn't interest me.

    I have used the AAT Greenlight, Osbourne quiz, BPP 4 practice assessments at the back of the question bank, so with the two on the website will have had quite a bit of practice in by Monday!

    I have also gone through the books and typed up all the long answers (risks, implications, recommendations, objectives) just to get the structure in mind, so I now have 4 A4 pages to try digest - great weekend ahead!

    I know it may be it a bit of 'over kill' but I need to feel that I have done the best prep before sitting the assessment.

    Thanks again!
  • Whirlwind
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    I passed EXA! So can't believe it I just had to share! Got 1 exceeded, 22 met & 7 did not meet - what a relief! It's hard to work out which questions relate to the feedback, but honestly don't care now.

    All the very best to anyone sitting this paper!
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