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Hi everyone,

I’m hoping I may get some closure on here as HMRC seen clueless on how to best resolve this.

I have been trading as a sole trader MIP for just over three years but have now entered into partnership with a very good and trusted friend. We have decided to change the trading name of the business but experiencing problems with migrating all our clients to the new business via HMRC. I have an agent ID for the old business however, I just can’t seem to get any sense from HMRC as to how best to migrate our clients. After being pushed from one department to another I was told to write to the CAA team at long Benton. I did this two weeks ago but no reply as yet!

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so please help....

Thanks in advance.


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    I know a couple of years ago, HMRC used to have a department called the 'Agent Maintainer' Team. I found this on HMRC website, it may be of some help:

    SAM105020 - Records: agent record: setting up new SA agent codes
    All requests for new SA Agent Codes must be made in writing to CAAT. The new agent must send confirmation that they require a Self Assessment Agent Code together with details of the business name, name of the partner/director of the business, address and telephone number to

    Agent Maintainer Team
    Benton Park View
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    NE98 1ZZ

    Note: HMRC cannot accept this information by telephone, fax or online. Requests made using these methods will not be accepted. The request must be made in writing.

    All requests for new SA Agent Codes, whether resident or non-resident in the UK, including all amendments to these agent records, must be made in writing by the agent. Local Offices should ensure that all requests for new codes and amendments are sent immediately to the Central Agent Authorisation Team at the address above. On no account should local offices make any alterations to SA Agent Codes or to agent information.

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    I had a right faff with this a few years ago.

    Some got migrated, some didn't. In the end we just got new 64-8s submitted.
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