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I wish to look for sub-contract work to gain more experience but am very aware that I may be seen as a threat to some. A career in the Diplomatic Service was never on the cards for me; so that I do not put my foot in it, I wondered if anyone has any tips on going about this and a form of words/template that I may adapt.

Many thanks



  • T.C.
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    Everyone wants to keep their own work if possible. Your best bet is to include where you are based on the forum and what, if any, your specialisms are. Someone may need a 'hand' in the busy times. Good luck.
  • Pete12
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    Many thanks for your reply. Note that I am not specifically asking for anyone on the forum for sub-contract work! I just wondered if anyone could advise on the type of practice to approach, how to do so and what/what not to say etc and whether they have a pro-forma letter that I may adapt and send out.

    Any useful suggestions would be most welcome.

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