Accounts Preparation 2 Computer Based Assesments Questions

Daniel E
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Hi there. I've gone through both CBA exercises for Accounts Preparation 2 and looked through the answers provided. I have a a few questions that are puzzling me. I'd be very greatful for any answers.


1.1 b) Why is Balance b/d at the bottom and Balance c/d at the top as opposed to how it's usually presented?

1.2 d) Why is a Bank Payment to a credit supplier not a reduction of liability?

2.4 b) Do Current liabilities have to be listed in a certain order? Do Capital Accounts have to go before Current at the bottom?


1.1 c) Why is Balance c/d at the top, instead of below Sales Ledger Control Account?

2.1 c) What is Carriage Inwards & Carriage Outwards? Do expenses have to be listed in any kind of order?

2.3 Do the balances have to be in any kind of order? On the debit side the Balance c/d isn't the final entry. Shouldn't it be?
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