Control Account Reconciliation ? ? ?

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Hi all everyone,

I am really stuck about control a/c reconciliation, what is the main logic?
First of all, what is the different between memorandum ledger, general ledger, individual ledger, control ledger a/c`s ???

These are extracts from BBP`s text book, unit 10;

1. An invoice from the sdb had been posted to the individual a/c of customer as 769 instead679?
2. A discount allowed to customer of 16 had been posted to the worng side of the customer a/c in the Receivable Ledger?
3. A credit balance in memorandum ledger of 125 had been included in the list of balances as a dr balance?
4. A total from cpb of 3145 was posted in the general ledger as 3415?
5. A credit note from supplier for 210 was entered into suppliers a/c in payables ledger as 120?
6. A Credit bal. in payables ledger should have been included in the list as 570 instead of 770?

Why they do not need to adjust?

Your helps are really appreciated.


  • Yazi
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    Your books should explain the differences betwen the
    "memorandum ledger, general ledger, individual ledger, control ledger".

    Also all the other questions should also be there. Errors in transposition, errors of omission,
    errors of princlple etc.

    To try and answer your post would take a bit of time and its best if you try to work your way
    through your textbook as all the explanations will be there.

    Then if you have difficulty in one or two specific areas,
    do post them.
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