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guinea pig
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Hi all,
Help - hopefully this will be my last exam, but I have a complete mental block with variances. I'm using the Osborne book, but no matter how many times I read the chapter, or my tutor patiently explains, I cannot remember how to do the calculations. Can anyone recommend any other book please? or any ideas, would be wonderful.
Many thanks,


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello GP

    Hope you are well?

    I used the Financial Performance Text and Question Bank by BPP.

    I could email you my revision notes which has all the different variance calculations typed out as well as the ratios. Alternatively, you may wish to prepare one of these yourself as by writing/typing the formulae it will get you thinking about them.

    Another way to try and remember them would be to apply a real life example if you can.

    Finally, practice, practice and more practice of the variances and ratios.

    Are there any particular variances you are struggling with or is it all of them in general?

    Feel free to email me if you wish.

    Chat soon.

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