Delivery firm not sticking to agreed delivery date – should I take action?

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Hi Folks

I recently bought an item from a catalogue. It got delivered last week and when I checked the contents of the package, it turned out that not all the parts of the item were included. I immediately phoned them up and they agreed to pick this package up on Tuesday (yesterday) but could not specify a time – they said it can be anywhere between 8am and 6pm., and once it reaches their warehouse, they would send a replacement which would (hopefully) have all the relevant parts included.

I then decided not to go out to work on Tuesday (I am self-employed), and waited all day for the delivery man to pick up the package. However, nobody turned up.

I phoned them again this morning and ask the reason why they did not come. The person on the other line said they in fact did come but nobody answered the door. I know for a fact that nobody came because I stayed in all day and if they did come and nobody answered the door, then at least they would have left some sort of note suggesting that they had come to pick up the package.

Anyway, they did eventually turn up today and take away the package.

Can someone please advice whether or not I should take this further, since I did lose a potential day’s wages.

Thanks in advance for your response.


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    Firstly, is the delivery firm the same as the catalogue supplier e.g. Tesco or Argos - or is it a third party e.g. DPD or ShittyLink? In both cases, your contract is with the catalogue - it's they who hold the delivery contract with the courier - and you should really address your complaint to them first for them to take it up with the courier on your behalf. If they can be bothered that is...

    Having said that, ShittyLink did the tired old "We called but you weren't in" excuse on me last year so I complained to their Managing Director. Short story, I got my petrol costs back for the sixty mile round trip to their 'nearest' depot. I now refuse to buy from eBay sellers who use anything other than Parcelforce or won't deliver to my work address.

    Whether you'd get a full days wages back though is a different kettle of fish...
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    This will be what you are looking for

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