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Blonde Accountant
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A client is currently using Sage 50 v16 and wants to upgrade to 2012. I ran the check data and there are 2 errors, which we do not know how to get rid of and the client does not have Sage cover.

The errors are:

Stock code ' ' is duplicated

Total allocated is 10.00 greater than total allocated in stock files

Does anybody have any idea at all on how to get rid of these errors?

Or, if not, does anyone think that it would matter if we upgraded anyway ignoring the errors?

Many thanks for any help



  • jamesm96
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    As far as my experience goes, if you instal 2012, it doesn't overwrite the v16 (aka 2010) program anyway, so as long as you've got a full backup then you can try converting and, if it doesn't work, you can still use the 2010 data in the 2010 program while you work out how to fix the errors.

    Re. the errors, it sounds like you just need to do a bit of maintenance and delete one of the duplicated stock codes, and there's a manual adjustment needed on the stock value?
  • burg
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    are these actually errors or warnings/comments? If warnings/comments then ignore. If errors then fix.
    Go to Modules>Products.
    Find the duplicated item code and adjust one of them
    And check that the values are sensible i.e. stock held is not greater than stock allowed to be held or other

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