Any Quicken users out there?

KaelaH FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 131 πŸŽ† 🐘 πŸŽ†
I have been approached by a potential client who currently uses Quicken for their book keeping.
Their current accountants currently recieve a backup from this and use that to produce the year end accounts. I am really struggling to find any information about this software as it doesn't appear to be available in the UK any more.
Is it compatible with anything else? What's the best way to deal with this?


  • JodieR
    JodieR Registered Posts: 1,002
    When I set up a company file on quickbooks there's an option to convert a quicken file to quickbooks - at least there used to be on the older versions, i'm not 100% sure it's an option on the 2012 edition. I've never done it though so can't comment further i'm afraid!
  • T.C.
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    I have converted quicken to quickbooks, but not lately. It should work fine, although you may need a call to QB helpdesk if the quicken is quite an old version - should work though. If not, is there not an option in the quicken software to convert to excel - I think there used to be? It might help.
  • Bluewednesday
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    If not can't you just get them to get you the reports you need, do the accounts from that, then give them your journals to finalise?
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