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anniebabe Registered Posts: 595 Epic contributor 🐘
Hi Guys
Started Business tax last week and I feel overwhelmed already, havent got a clue how i am going to retain all this work in 8 weeks.
Is anyone else feeling the same?


  • Louise89
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    I really wouldn't stress out about it too much! Yes some of the calculations are rather long but the more you practice the more it sinks in. I would try and get some extra questions when you get closer to exam prep if you can to practice more, then you might feel more comfortable.

    I got an extra revision pack from class and did it the morning of my exam and I passed; doing it did make me feel more confident.

    Good luck! :)
  • anniebabe
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    Hi Louise

    Your probably right,i suppose its early days to be stressing about it.
    Just all looks a bit daunting at first.
  • guinea pig
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    Hi Anniebabe,
    I think I've felt overwhelmed and panic stricken at the beginning of every unit - there always seems so much to learn, and looking at the practice assessements too early is de-moralising, So, take it steady, work through each chapter, consolidate your learning with the chapter questions, and then when you've covered all the material, do lots of practice questions. I find then that it gradually falls into place, and highlights areas where more revision is needed.
    Good luck,
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595 Epic contributor 🐘
    Hi GP

    I know - i am just getting in a flap about nothing - as usual -lol
    I need to learn to chill out - not too much tho.
    Thanks for the advise.
    Have a good Easter.x
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