Best time for Work experience?

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To be AAT fully qualified (MAAT) it say you need 300 days of recorded technical work experience is this best to do while studying Level 2, 3 or after 3, or complete the whole syllabus including 4 and then find work experience?


  • Yun
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    I think it would be helpful to get some practical work experience while studying for your AAT qualification.

    You can find more information via this link

    ''You will need a minimum of one year's full-time experience - or the equivalent part-time - gained since you registered as an AAT student member.
    At least 50% of your time should be spent on relevant accounting or financial tasks.
    If you spend between 33 - 49% of your time on accounting or financial tasks you must provide evidence of two years' work experience or the equivalent part-time since you registered as a student member.''
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