Failed Business Tax

Melody87 Registered Posts: 44 💫 🐯 💫
I'm gutted :( I shouldn't be cause I did rush it as I hadn't touched the course for 3 months so booked the exam to force myself back in to it.

I've started Personal Tax which I'm finding easier, do people think I should do that first before attempting business tax again or should I re sit business tax straight away?



  • stephleedz
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    I'm really sorry to hear your news. I have been lucky in that the schedule meant I did PTX then BTX which I think really helped plus PTX and BTX do overlap a little with Capital Gains. I would advise not rushing to resit I made that mistake because I just wanted to get it over with and failed the exam I was resiting for a second time. PTX will give you a good base and understanding. Take your time and resit when your more comfortable.

    Good luck with PTX and your resit.

  • Melody87
    Melody87 Registered Posts: 44 💫 🐯 💫
    Thanks that really helps. I'll take plenty of time with PTX then once I've sit that exam I'll do a full recap of BTX and see if I can work out where I went wrong. :)
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