Thanks for nothing!

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obviously offended people - have removed it now


  • MWAUGH1983
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    I am sorry you feel this way; however I feel you are without foundation with your grip as 16 replies occurred with your previous post most notably jo clark helped you out and it got 815 views. People may not have had time to a nswer your post with the easter break.

    The forum is very helpful in all fairness and I think most people would lock to help anyone when needed!

    Sometimes when people pst there wont be much activity due to the fact the post may be that the person hasnt tried harder to figure it out - not saying you in that case just an observation in general.

  • janwal
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    Hi Karen

    Sorry you feel we are all being unfair, I read your post twice and didn't answer as to be honest I didn't understand the questions. I too am doing level 3 and only passed AP1 after 2 attempts and AP2 I am awaiting a resit.

    Just because 39 people looked doesn't mean amyone knew the answer, I have posted on here and hundreds look and only got 1 reply. You have to be patient.

    Don't give up using the forum on the basis of one unanswered thread, there is a lot of knowledge out there.

  • villapb
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    hi janwal i thought the same, so emailed her direct for question.
  • katie2008
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    I offered to help! Although I have to look at where the figures come from first, to see what is missing and why it doesnt balance..

    That is why I asked where the exam paper was from :)
  • kazcraw
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    Thank you for your replies to my moan

    have removed it now
  • Jo Clark
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    kazcraw wrote: »
    I thought this forum was supposed to be helpful, useful, etc., well you could have fooled me.

    I am struggling with Level 3, lost all confidence and am in a class which hasn't gelled so am now signing off from here and won't use it again.

    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Karen

    I am sorry to read this message and how you now view the forum.

    I have only ever found this forum to be helpful and supportive and I have been lucky to have made some good friends as well :)

    There are many students at different stages of each level, studying different modules at different times, who can help you as well as those who have passed the AAT exams and are now continuing with further studies as well as MIPs etc.

    I will always do my best to help anyone, however sometimes I can't always reply immediately and also understand that if I post a question it may take a day or so to receive a response. You may find that you acquire knowledge simply by reading some of the questions posed by other students as well as asking your own.

    Please do continue to visit the forum for help. The forum is a really great resource which I would be lost without.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • SarahJS
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    kazcraw wrote: »
    Thank you for your replies to my moan

    I am not a lone student - I do actually attend a college. Maybe I'm just too polite, but I would have answered someone with the response of "sorry read your post but can't help"

    If everyone replied to everything they viewed and coldn't help with this place wold be chaos. Do you really want 38 'sorry' posts, which a genuine answer would get lost in?

    This is a really nice place and people go out of there way to help, but we have to remember that when we ask a question it is not a right of ours to have it answered, although most questions do get answered quickly due o he community here.

    Hopefully this doesn't put you off though!
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    kazcraw wrote: »
    Well I just wanted to say thanks to all 39 of you who viewed my post asking for help but NONE of you replied!!!

    I have only used this forum 3 times, the first time I got great help, the second and third no-one bothered to reply

    I thought this forum was supposed to be helpful, useful, etc., well you could have fooled me.

    I am struggling with Level 3, lost all confidence and am in a class which hasn't gelled so am now signing off from here and won't use it again.

    Thanks a lot!

    Are you serious?
  • torresgbr
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    Hi Kazcraw
    How rude. If your a College Student isn't it there job to support you. Isn't that what there being paid to do. Yet you take out your frustrations over a Easter Bank Holiday on fellow students.
    I find this forum a valuable tool and appreciate any responses I receive but also appreciate everyone is in the same boat as me trying to study and pass our exams.
    Maybe if you have a question you should phrase it as one. Because it appears you have made a statement
    You wonder why no one responds!!!!!! - because I sure feel motivated in the future to help you
  • Diddy Mau
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    Hello Kaz,
    I admit I seen your original post, and didn't help. this was down to I didnt feel confident enough to help you answer the question.
    So I left this for one of the more experienced members to answer.

    In the past I will help where I can, and I have also asked for help. An example was a question with PTAX SA form, I couldnt work out the answer, so I posted on here for help. Yes, pleople viewed and didnt answer. I didnt take this personal, just thought people didn't know. However, while I was waiting for a reply from someone I kept trying to work it out. Eventually I figured this out and told people so, to save them time.

    You have to understand, people on here will help and are fantastic. However, your comment will have the opposite effect.
    nothing in life that is worth working for is easy.
  • MarkT
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    A pointer that may put things into perspective here... At the time of me posting this, there are currently 128 users online... 10 members and 118 guests.

    Guests cannot post on threads here and they may well have accounted for a large number of the page views - this forum is a goldmine of knowledge and help - please give it a chance :001_smile:
  • torresgbr
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    Kazcraw - Please refrain from sending me private messages. I don't wish to be lectured

  • kazcraw
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    I was not lecturing you at all and I certainly am not going to waste my time getting into any argument with you !! It's nice to see there are some considerate people out there
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