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I would like to apologise to anyone who I offended with my previous post it wasnt meant to be offensive - I had a rant - got it out of my system - we can't all be calm and polite all of the time obviously!!!

I would like to thank those of you who replied and those who have offered assistance it has been greatly received.

All of this has now made it clear in my head as to where I go from here - decision made.

Those of you who I offended but won't accept apology - there's nothing more I can do about that.


  • Diddy Mau
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    Hi Kaz,

    Sorry I couldnt of been of any help.
    but it's nice to see this:thumbup1:
  • kazcraw
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    Thank you
  • torresgbr
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    If I can help. I will always answer

    Good Luck with your studies
  • kazcraw
    kazcraw Registered Posts: 34 💫 🐯 💫
    Doubt if I'll be asking after your last response to me. Thanks anyway
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