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I am making a slow but steady start on my case study, just about to do the SWOT analysis. I know which area of the accounting system I wish to look at and possible improvements to it.

I am about to write the 'analysis and evaluation of the current system' section but am floundering. Do I evaluate the whole accounting system or just the aspect that I wish to make recommendations for, same question in terms of the SWOT analysis

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  • sdv
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    You should review all the accounting departments. Describe the purpose of each department, work flow within each department, procedures to follow and controls put in place to secure company's assets or comply with the company's own requirements or policy

    however you need to evaluate your chosen accouting area that you wish to write. you will have already reviewed and described that anyway but now you will colsely focus on the weaknesses.

    You need to describe the weakness and its effect on the company before you write your recommendations to improve the weakness.

    Any weakness that you write about must be on your SWOT anaylsis. Your SWOT should be on your chosen area to evaluate.

    Hope this helps.
  • katsutlieff
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    Thats great thanks for the clarification.

    We have had very little input from the College in regards to the project and I couldn't for the life of me remember whether we did a general synopsis of the accounting system and then hone in on the specific area we wish to change.
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