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Good afternoon,

I got an AAT Feedback report for the first time from my tutor and I find it very useful to see where I performed well and not so well. We have asked our tutor to provide the feedback from the other 2 CBA we have had since but they keep forgetting!
I'm just wondering why we have to get it from our training provider and not access it directly from the aat website. Is this something that could be suggested for the future?


  • StuartW
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    AAT response

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've fed back your query and the following response comes from our Assessments Systems team:

    "Currently our training providers have access to individual students' feedback one report at a time. We're currently in the process of developing the training provider feedback function so as to allow multiple feedback to be compiled simultaneously. Furthermore our Systems team will be investigating the possibilities of delivering feedback directly to students."

    Kind regards,

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