Stupid Question ALERT! - Filing Tax Returns

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Good afternoon all,

If you submit your tax return for 2011/12 say in May and you owe £100, I assume this hasn't got to be paid until 31st Jan 2013?

If you file in May and are due a rebate of £100 does this also get paid at/after 31st Jan 2013?.

Know it's a silly question but I have only ever dealt with clients who file their returns in January last minute!! haha.




  • T.C.
    T.C. Registered, Tutor Posts: 1,448
    Yes, if you owe £100 it needs to be paid by 31st January 2013, but if they owe you £100, then the rebate usually comes back within a few weeks of submitting the TR (although sometimes you do have to ask for it)!
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