Eagle day workshop - ratio analysis - level 4

Sonya Ashbarry
Sonya Ashbarry Registered Posts: 31 Epic contributor 🐘
Hello everyone,

We have now planned our workshop on ratio analysis. Ratio analysis is a substantial subject studied and tested in four learning areas at level four, so it's worth mastering the subject early in your studies!

We will emphasise the importance of understanding what each ratio measures and how to interpret the meaning of them. You can then become more effective at communicating your understanding.

Examiners identify written communication as a frequent area of weakness so we will show you an
exam technique which will help you earn as much credit as possible.

For more info about the workshop please see here http://www.eagle-education.co.uk/study_options/day_workshops.php

Currently we're selling a full day of tuition for half price - only £60!

The feedback on our workshops has been excellent - so please come and spend the day with us :001_smile:



  • Sonya Ashbarry
    Sonya Ashbarry Registered Posts: 31 Epic contributor 🐘
    A reminder about this workshop - it's amazing value for money. The local Travel Lodge are giving excellent room rates too! You could even attend as part of your CPD.

    Our day workshops have received 100% postive feedback.

    You can read our news article here: http://www.eagle-education.co.uk/news/day-workshop-was-a-great-success/20

    Join us - it will be a great day out :001_smile:
  • Sonya Ashbarry
    Sonya Ashbarry Registered Posts: 31 Epic contributor 🐘
    Level 4 revision - ratio analysis


    We're quite excited about delivering this course now :001_smile:

    We're going to be analysing real accounts and looking at struggling businesses (financial statements). Also reviewing some case studies which will link to non financial indicators that are used in management accounting (financial performance). Applying your skills to real situations is sure to boost your knowledge. It's great CPD too! Especially if you're self employed or would like to offer services to clients.

    Do come!


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