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Hello everyone

i was approached by my friend to do his P&L for his restaurant all the bookkeeping is done by him(very accurate) on excel spreadsheets just wondered if anyone could suggest how to transfer all the sales on to Sage Instant Accounts

I have got Sage Instant Accounts (which i used few years ago at work) not very confident with it at the moment

Any suggestions?


  • uknitty
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    Hey there

    If all of the info is already recorded on Excel, is there any particular reason that you want to import it in to Sage ?

    If this is just a one off job could it be worked out manually and dropped in to a P&L template document ?
  • forever131
    forever131 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    thank you
    for you reply

    there is a chance that he would want me to do it permanently,

    i havent done p&l before i do know and understand all the aspects of it just never had to prepare one

    can you suggest any websites for templates
  • Dcollins
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    You can download a copy of the FRSSE from here It includes the format for small company financial statements. It's for ltd companies, but you can use it as a reference to set up a template for sole traders too.
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