Five careers that don't require a degree

I've just read an interesting article on Yahoo about how you don't have to go to uni to get a good career - this makes a great change from when I was leaving school. The expectation then was that everyone with good enough grades would just go to uni, no mention at all of other ways into a career, and if you didn't want to go you were on your own when it came to finding a job. I was adamant I didn't want to go to uni, and only found out about the AAT afterwards when my mum sent me to the local Connexions office to find out about getting a job!

So top of the list is ...... accountancy (as most of us will know!) They even tell you about studying the AAT :001_smile:

"1. Accountant
If you've got a good head for numbers you can train to become an accountant without needing a degree. Study for the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification full time, part time while in employment, from home or online.
Training is flexible, practical and open to everyone - whether you're going for your first job in accounting, making a career move, or already work in finance.
There are three levels to the AAT Accounting Qualification, and you can expect to spend around a year on each level - if you have previous experience, you could qualify in two years or less. (Find out more at
Average salary: £17,673 for a Level 2 student to £35,997 for a fellow member."

I'd be interested to know where those salary figures come from though, I have been MAAT for two and a half years and still don't even get that average level 2 figure! Looks like I need to start again as a student and get that money :001_smile: Nah, I do really enjoy my job though, and money isn't the be all and end all, for me at least.

The full article is here for anyone who may be interested:


  • Jo Clark
    Jo Clark Registered Posts: 2,525
    Thanks for this Rozzi

    I saw the article when online earlier - interesting reading and great advertising for the AAT.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • MarkT
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    Dear Dear Rozzi....

    You've been an MAAT for two and a half years and still have not grasped the concept of the term average? :001_tt2:

    Consider that right at this point, I am earning £0.00 per hour and back in October last year I was somewhere just over £15 the average wage could be correct - typical Yahoo though, fell down on reporting of the regional variation... Still, if you love your job :lol:
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