Anyone thinking of doing ACA after AAT? Advice on placements please...

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Hi, now that I'm nearing the end of AAT, I've been weighing up where to go from here and have decided to aim for Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser via ACA and ATT.

What I'm struggling to find out is, do voluntary part-time ACA placements exist? (I can't work full-time.) I plan to register for ACA once AAT is finished and sit as many exams as I can without a placement but of course I will never be awarded Chartered status until I have completed the placement.

Is it worth me approaching local practices armed with my CV and asking them for a training agreement? ICAEW don't publish details of which practices are Approved Training Employers (ATEs) so it would be pot-luck.

Can anyone offer me any advice or has anyone found themselves in the same situation?



  • MarieNoelle
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    Dear Angela,
    I too have been looking into it. I have been thinking about doing ACA but can only work part-time due to family commitments.

    I called ICAEW and they say that it's not impossible to find part-time placements but they are more likely to be with small, local practices. Bear in mind that once you have started the ACA you have 5 years maximum to complete it (and you need 450 days full time experience).

    ICAEW website has a list of vacancies but it's not exhaustive so I would send CVs out - maybe target practices with an ACA qualified partner, who can be persuaded to register as an ATE?

    Surely someone would jump at the chance of hiring a qualified AAT accountant?:huh:

    Good luck with your "placement hunting". I have yet to find one!

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    I'm not sure what a practices view of voluntary would be or even if the ICAEW insists that you must be employed, but you would definitley need to be in a training conract to accrue the work experience, also bear in mind you must be in the final year of the contract to be able to take the final three ACA exams.

    Also have a look into costs and tuition provision. I'm not familiar with distance learining/home study provision for ACA (if any exists) but the tutions courses are structured differently to ACCA or CIMA and can costs accordingly more.

    You can take the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business without a training contract (I believe) and then transfer to the ACA.

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