Freaking out on time!

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Hi all

May seem like a silly question but I'm studying aat level 3 distance learning through Kaplan and I'm meant to be finished by August but I'm having a crazy year (getting married in June long honeymoon in August etc etc! wish I had picked another year to study!) anyway I wondered if the time you are given by Kaplan is a definite end of if you can carry on after it maybe even get an extension?! ( i am not going onto level 4 so I'm hoping it will be ok?!)




  • Louise89
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    I think the best people to ask is Kaplan customer services... maybe theres an option to postpone if the level has an expiry date.

    Good luck for your wedding day and I hope your studies go well :)

  • Sammmy88
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    I agree with Louise, I would phone Kaplan. I am with Eagle, and they have set out a time plan, but told me its not set in concreate, which maybe the case with Kaplan, but i'd check.

    Good Luck for your wedding, I am too getting married in June! :-D
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    I studied my level 2 with Kaplan long distance, it took me nearly 6 months longer than should have done, just because of work etc, Kaplan never once got in touch with me, or even asked why I hadn't finished on time. So I wouldn't worry just carry on at a pace that suits. Good luck with everything

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