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Hi Guys

I have been pondering over a question for a few hours now but have difficulty in reaching a decision, so please let me have your thoughts:

I have a client who was an employed plumber up to June 2011. In July he decided to go it on his own as a self employed plumber. He undertook a course costing around £4,000 so that he reached the standards required of Gas Safe and is now now Gas Safe registered.

I realise that the cost of courses are not tax allowable to learn a new trade but this chap had to undergo the course to get his Gas Safe registration, which in turn enables him to trade.

Would you claim the cost of the course or not. It makes a difference between a £2k profit or a 2k loss!

Thanks for your advice.:thumbup1:


  • T.C.
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    I would say yes!
  • deborahcarpenter
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    I agree with TC. I would definately claim it:thumbup1:
  • hunterhouse
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    " learn a new trade..."

    You may wish to consider that before the advent of "Gas-Safe" there was "Corgi" registration and before that, work on gas boilers and fittings was undertaken by ordinary (unregulated) plumbers. Even though some Gas Safe registered "plumbers" do not (usually by choice) do "plumbing" work and some "plumbers" are not Gas Safe registered they are both still widely considered to be engaged in the same trade - plumbing.

    I hope this is helpful.

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