Handy Tips needed for Xero

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I am hopefully getting passed a bookkeeping client next month who wants their bookkeeping done with Xero online.

I know Xero provide a trial version so I am going to play about with it over the next couple of days, I am looking for any handy tips any of you have for shortcuts or glitches to watch out for etc.

In the past I have used Quickbooks, Sage and VT Transaction + and of course the old manual Kalamazoo and Twinlock etc. so I am hoping I can pick this software up without too many hiccups.


  • jamesm96
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    I'd say you want to register with Xero as an 'Advisor'; you can then have a client list, much like HMRC online, with a single login. It also gives you certain features (like certain reports) which you can produce for the client, which they don't have access to so you have some protection against the client thinking 'that looks easy, I think I do my accounts myself'.
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    i have discovered that you can sign up and play with a demo company accounts as much as you like so I am trying that.
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