Fnst exam 2moz any advice x

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Hi I have my Financial statements exam tomorrow, has anyone any good advice for me?


  • Jo Clark
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    Do a quick search on the forum as there have been several posts about this.

    Main piece of advice from everyone is not to panic and to ensure you attempt all questions. If you get stuck on one, make a note on the paper provided in the exam, or flag it using the flag on the CBA system and go back to it later.

    Good luck.

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  • guinea pig
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    Good luck!
    Read the questions slowly and carefully, double check the calculations, and keep an eye on the clock so that you have enough time to give all the questions, especially the written ones, a good chance.
  • Newts22
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    Hi Danarose

    How did you get on with FNST?
    I am sitting mine in the morning, so spending the day cramming, and picking up useful bits on here!
  • iskcel
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    I sat FNST on Monday and decided to go straight to section 2 as I knew this is where I would find it harder to gain marks (I find the written tasks quite hard!). For me I think this worked well it meant I was a lot less stressed as I got the hard ones out the way first of all. Plus I made basic notes on any parts I couldn't quite remember then throughout the exam I would pop back and enter the information in as it came to me.

    Once I had finished section 2 I moved onto section 1! Everything balanced & I am sure it was all correct but again I struggled with the one written question. I knew the answer I just found it hard to explain and blabbed on a little!!

    It felt a little odd going to section 2 but I'm sure it helped me to feel more relaxed and positive during the exam.

    Good luck to anyone sitting the exam soon :-)
  • The Magician
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    I have it in a couple of weeks time.

    What I would give to be in a tutored class now.
  • danarose13
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    Thanks everyone for repling to my post,
    Well I went into the exam and just got on with it, I balanced my working papers in section one and had a really good bash at section 2. The only question where I felt I let myself down was the standard question, it was IFRS 3, I still gave it a gd go and you never know I might have earnt a point from the waffle that I put. Just a case of waiting for results, now.
  • Newts22
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    Sounds like it's the same paper I sat on Saturday!
    I too fell at the IFRS 3, about gain from a bargain acquisition!
    Hopefully you and I have done enough to pass it lol!
    Well done and fingers crossed!
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