AAT Lvl 2 or AAT Lvl 2 Book keeping

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I am usually a reader so this is my first post. Congrats and good luck to all that have taken exams or due to.

I have reached that age where life should begin again and after reading a previous post stating it never too late to start the AAT, I have been looking into it, (but will have to be distance learning due to family and commitments).
I have been in contact with a couple of training providers and been advised by them that due to previous employment and experience they have recommend for me to do the Lvl2 bookkeeping and seperate sage course, not the complete AAT lvl2, then for me to move onto AAT Lvl3 in september.

I am not currently working in the accountancy/finance industry, and have been out for a couple of years, but I am trying to get another oppourtunity to go back, but like all vacancies alot of people are applying for the same positions but with upto date experience. I think if I was to go to a company that has used the software I have previously used I could fit straight back in, but most now are looking at line 50 whereas my experience with sage is line 100.

I think really I am just looking for peoples opinions on what the training providers have said.


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    I can see the advantages of doing the seperate Sage course, as you say a lot of companies use it now, unfortuantely the NHS don't so would have to consider this myself when changing jobs.

    As for the book-keeping, i am also a mature student, I have been in Finance several years and have a Diploma in Bookkeeping, but I was really glad to start at level 2 as I found it very different and it also does help to get a grasp on level 3. I too was advised to start at level 3 but glad I didn't .

    This is only my opinion you must do what is right for you.

    Good Luck in whatever you decide.

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    Is Sage 50 that different to Sage 100?
    You might find that the Sage course might be a bit basic if you have used Sage before. Maybe I am being a bit Naive but I used Sage Instant Accounts for years, then did Sage Line 50 and didn't see that much of a difference.
    When I did my course Sage was part of my AAT study and it included a certification in Sage..Having used it I did find it really easy and ploughed through that part in no time.
    I skipped Level 2 as I had had experience in bookkeeping but in reality I only skipped the book keeping module as I had to complete the other module at level 2 at that time anyway (which was some VAT, Working practices, computerised accounts).
    If you start at level 2 as well as bookkeeping and Computerised Accounts In Level 2 you will also learn Basic Costing, Prof Ethics (which I think you can do at level 3 anyway), and Working Effectively in Accounting and Finance.
    The ABC bookkeeping course is good (if this is one you are talking about) but it doesn't cover those basic pieces described above.
    However when I did this Level 3 sort of revised Level 2 to start with anyway (except for the Working Effectively bit). As I studied under the old standard I am not sure if this still applies.
    There is a skills check on AAT website to help you to decide where to start see http://www.aatskillcheck.org/home.aspx
    Ultimately it depends on what you need to achieve. If you have all the basic grounding then you can probably start directly at Level 3.

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    Thank you for your opinions.

    From what I have heard Sage 50 works on windows and Sage 100 works on dos, so they are as different as you can get, but I am yet to try Sage 50 to agree or disagree. I have picked up stages 1 and 2 of the self study for sage 50 so hopefully will find out.
    I was told by one of the training providers that there is only a few differences between Sage Instant and Sage 50:- Stock Control, Charity Support, Remittances and Departmental Analysis, but as I have noticed most job vacancies are stating Sage 50, I will try to learn this.
    I did take the skill check on the web site and it did advise to start at Lvl2 but a training provider said be better just to take the ABC book keeping otherwise I would just be repeating what I already have learnt in practical. That why I was trying to get peoples opinions as Im at confused.com. - lol
    Like you mentioned (pirate) I can revise anything that Im not sure of if I come across it in Lvl3 like you did.
    I think I will have a real good look into what each covers and try to decide from there, at least I know there are a few DL providers that provide for both Lvl2 and just the ABC and with reading peoples opinions which providers to look into more.
    The main thing I would like to acheive is to become AAT qualified, then look into whats next, and hopefully get back into accounting/finance in the meantime.

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