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I did my AAT Level at a local college and intend to continue with the next level. I am a little confused between the options of distance learning and continuing evening classes. When I did my Level 2 I was not working therefore it was easy to attend evening classes. But now I have a full time job and besides my husband is away on an assignment so have to be home with my child. My question is Is distance learning equally a good option or will it be tough to study on my own with no help. Also please do suggest some good training providers.


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    Ive done my AAT level 3 distance learning, I find it easier than classes but just depends what you find better

    You can save some money and just buy the books and then sign up for one module with kaplan for SPSW which cost me around £82

    I found level 3 preety straight forward but ive read level 4 is a big step up
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    I can't comment on whether continuing evening classes or distance learning would be best for you, (although, from the sound of your circumstances, I would imagine distance learning would be best) but I can recommend Premier Training if you chose DL route. I researched non stop and found that this company came out one of the top. I signed up, and can honestly say that I am more than happy. The lady I initially spoke to couldn't be more helpful, their correspondence is top, and my assesments have been marked within 24 hours along with feedback that has helped me. They offer a referral scheme so if you did fancy joining them, please message me and I can give you my details. Good luck whatever you decide :)
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