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Well, I have been going to college to study this unit since Jan, now the course is finished and it's revision time! I can honestly say that I don't feel like I know anything !:confused1: Poooooo.
I am feeling a bit downhearted, and have started going into panic mode. Have 6 weeks left before the exam, and I am hoping like crazy that things will start falling into place and making a bit more sense than they do at the moment :crying:.
Any words of encouragement out there peeps? :ohmy:


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    Hi Jane,
    FNST is a big unit. Now that you have covered the syllabus its time to re-inforce the learning by doing lots of practice questions, and going back to any areas that are not clear in your mind. The AAT practice papers, Greenlight, and Osborne quizzes are all really good. I'm sure that you'll find that the more practice you do, the more it falls into place, and don't forget, there are lots of helpful people on the forum.
    Good luck,
  • jane
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    Thanks Guinea pig,
    I really am trying to stay focused. We have been using Osborne Books, but to be honest I don't like them at all. I have bought myself the Bpp Text and Question Bank - I really like the question bank for revision I find them invaluable.
    I know I maybe starting to panic a bit early, but phew this Financial Statements unit is really hard (well I think it is anyway, I think it's the hardest one I have done so far if I'm honest). Thanks for your words of encouragement, and thank you everyone on this forum, it is really nice to be able to be in contact with people that are going through exactly what we all are, and it's nice to be able to bounce off one another. :)
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    Im due to sit my exam on Thursday half our class sat it last Thursday and said that it was difficult, having said that all that did crop up in the exam was all that we had covered and in conjunction with the examiners reports on this web site also it was in the same format as the practice exams on line. The journals required made you use your brain. The students said that the scrolling up and down and the additional information boxes were a pain. (good tip use the information pop up like a ruler to read the values of each item).

    Ive found the osbourne book a little confusing and much prefer the Kaplan book and Clare Finch's student guide to international Financial Standards to help me revise.

    Good luck with your revising and hope you pass
  • jane
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    Hi WAD2001

    Thanks for your reply, and good luck with your exam, you must let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you. Thanks for the tips.
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    Hello Jane

    I have posted lots of links to various messages in other messages so won't do so again.

    Please use the search function or go look at the post in the technician/diploma section of the forum. If you have your copy of AT, there is an article in there on Page 19 which you may find useful to read.

    I agree with what GP has said about not panicking, easier said than done I know.

    When you revise, try and draw up a plan and remember to take breaks. My revision days have set targets so I had something to work towards.

    In my opinion six weeks is plenty of time to revise. I'm not sure how your classes were structured or how long each class was, however when I studied FNST I attended six lessons all lasting a day on a Wednesday. I reworked each lesson over the weekend and after the final lesson I took a week and two days off to revise (I work full time) and sat the exam on the Friday. For each of these days, I worked through each lesson again and completed various practice test/question bank questions and quizzes. They were fairly intensive days as you can imagine, but they paid off :)

    Good luck with your revision and do post lots of questions here if you need help or clarification.

    JC :o
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