Greenlight marking

guinea pig
guinea pig Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 402
Hi all,
Anyone else find that Grrenlight wrongly shows an answer as incorrect, and then when you go to the details, you have actually got it right?
Also, each of the 10 questions has, maybe 5 sub questions, and you need to get ALL of them right, to pass that 10% - this is quite demoralizing when you lose 10% for only getting 1/5th of the question wrong! lets hope the actual exams are marked on individual questions, I'm doing FNPF this week, and there is so much to remember!
Happy revising!


  • Becky V
    Becky V Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 374
    Hi Guinea pig, yes i agree. I have just done some of the green light and only got 30% which seemed harsh as i got a couple answers wrong on the sub questions so was 3 out of 4 correct but marked wrong! Good luck with your exam i have mine the end of May. Let me know how you get on!
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