Indirect Tax - Do I need to sit the exam????

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help?
I've noticed on my Statement of Achievement page on the AAT website it has me completing the Indirect Tax Exam - I haven't sat the CBA yet - Am I listed as completing this exam as I studied Level 2 under the old standards and would have studied and passed VAT Returns when I passed Unit 34 for Level 2.
So does that mean I have one less exam to do?

Would be interested to know before I mention this to my college?

Many Thanks


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    I had a similar thing when I tranferred from the old level 3 to the new level 4 - I was exempt from Cash Management as it was covered at level 3 on the "old" sylabus.

    If you are exempt based on passing previous units, then AAT will have marked your statement of achievement with a competent - which it sounds like they may have done.

    I would give AAT student services a quick call and get them to check. If you are exempt based on your previous passes then I would let your college know that you don't need to sit that unit. No point paying for an exam you have already passed !
  • torresgbrtorresgbr Feels At Home Posts: 38Registered
    Hi Uknitty
    Thanks for your help. I've called them and I don't need to sit this exam. One less

    Thanks again
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    as you did vat return as part of level 2 then you are exempt from this module
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