Finish AAT LEvel 2..Advice on Level 3

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Hi Every one,

this is my first post so i am sorry if i waffle.

I have just completed and passed my AAT Level 2. I did this course at my local college. However i do work in accounts and have done for some time so level 2 was very easy to me and i felt like it took me forever as i could only sit my exams on the specific dates that the college had there exams.

To continue to level 3 i now have to wait until Sept to enrol and again, go to college and only sit the exams on the specific dates the college gives.

Ok so my question...can i do level 3 fully online? so i can learn at my own pace and sit my exams as and when i am ready as i think between now and Sept i could deffinately have passed a couple of exams but if i go back to college i dont even start my course until then :(

Hope this makes sense.



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    yes you can you dont need college, I didnt do it at college because It would take 3 years when I hope to finish whole thing in one year

    If your comfortable you dont need a training provider, this is what i did, i bought the books from bpp then just contacted kaplan when I wanted to take an exam, they are roughly every 2 weeks. though you will need a training provider for Software spreadsheets module, but i just signed up with kaplan for one module for this and it was £82

    or you can choose a training provider and distance learn, kaplan, bpp, premier but can be expensive and remember you have to pay around £50 on top for each exam

    hope this helps
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    I also started level 2 in September last year,but my tutor soon saw that i had an aptitude for the subject, due to previous experience in accounting and duly put me up to do level 3 at the same time.
    I have only 3 exams left to complete level 2+3 which will be probably complete by mid-June.
    Wbauk 2002- How easy is it to do level 4 without a training provider? I am thinking more of the project here.
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    You have to be signed up with a training provider for ICAS as the unit is marked by a tutor, not by AAT.

    Kaplan offer it as a "stand alone" unit though.
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