Level 2 Self Study?

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Hi all

I want to take Level 2 AAT but the distance learning courses are unfortunately rather expensive for me! I e-mailed AAT and they said I have to study through a training provider, is this the case or is there a way round it? I was planning on signing up as an AAT student, buying the books and studying myself but it's sounding like this is not possible! If it is possible how do I do the exams etc? Questions, questions! Any help would be much appreciated.



  • wbauk2002
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    There is a way round it, You can sit the Computer based assessments without a training provider, so just buy the books and when ready give kaplan a ring and book the exam and sit it there which is currently £51 per exam

    But for computer based projects you need a training provider because they need to be marked by hand, i never did Level 2 but i believe WEAF is a CBP, but you can just sign up with a training provider i.e kaplan distance learning for one module which is about £100. Sure I read something though that the WEAF will be changing to a CBA later in the year but dont quote me on that.
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    Hi there,
    I'm in the same position. I know there are some modules for which you MUST have a tutor, but others you can do self study. You need to check with the providers to sit for the exams anyway. I am going tomorrow to the closest one to me, which happens to be a Kapplan center. But, I am still unser as to wether to sign up with them or do self study. I have just researched this info, and I would really appreciate some confirmation.
    * For level 2 you need to do the software part, and for that you need Sage which is about 100 GBP if you buy it alone.
    * There are two modules for which you need a tutor, wich will be around 300 GBP.
    * The books (new) will cost around 80-100 GBP.

    So you see, it still adds up similar to the cost of the distance learning courses which are about 650 GBP in either, BBP, Kaplan, Eagle or Premier.

    There... did I get everything right?

    Thanks to the replyers.
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    Hiya! It is possible to study with just the books! Providing you register with the AAT. Also in Level 2 there is a project which you have to be registered with a provider to take and thats WEAF. But it is possible! When you come to take exams, you just ring up say a Kaplan centre for exam, and say you are an external student and its fine.
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
    Level 3 - Passed 2012
    Level 4 - Passed 2014

    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
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    I found the BPP text, question bank & passcards via Foyles or Amazon for around £30, then the exams are £36 and £38 for level 3 and 4. The projects are significant more as you have to study them through a provider.

    Fortunately my employer paid for APi, APii and FNST units with the online classroom, but I have been able to co mplete the remaining level 3 through self study (all first time passes!) and working through level 4 (waiting results from few, so my opinion may dramatically change if fail any!) My learning style suits self study and I work in an accountancy practice, so maybe its not been much of a lonely situation. Found it really helpful to look over the books and CBAs online just to see if it feels attainable, before purchasing the books.
  • dave79602
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    Thanks for all your responses, very helpful. :001_smile:
  • jim jam
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    hi there,

    i was wondering did you find the way deal with this situation? i am trying to do the same thing with level 3.
    what do you suggest ? i dont know which modules do you need a tutor or you can do with selfstudy? do you know how can i find out? if you can help me, i would be much appreciated.
    many thanks ...:001_smile:
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    For level 2 now certainly there's no need for a training provider, the only CBP is CA, which you can use the Sage certification in place of. Textbooks for <£100 plus £100 for Sage cert is a big discount over £650 for a training provider. You still have to pay for AAT membership and your exam fees anyway.

    I haven't started level 3 yet and as myAAT is down I can't tell you which (if any) modules are CBP only - if they're all CBAs then you can do it without a training provider considerably cheaper no problem as far as I'm aware; if you start having to pay a provider for individual modules to get CBPs marked you may find it starts adding up to a similar price as buying the whole course though. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to tell us how many CBPs there are at level 3.
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    There are exam centers which accept external candidates, pick one and put them down as your training provider when you sign up for AAT.

    In terms of which ones you NEED a provider for, for level 3 (currently) it is only the spreadsheets one, basically the CBTs at level 3 are marked automatically by the computer, but the CBAs need to be marked by a person, o you would need to sign up for them to mark it at least.
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    Today one member from here called AAT and AAT do not accept SAGE certificates anymore, assesment centers do know that. Many members do not take level 2 exams, they just study and move on level 3 and then take exams, as you do not need level 2 for full qualification. It was quite new for me, and now im thinking to study for myself and take exams just on level 3,4 (but i did BAI exam today in fact)
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    Hi there, you need a registered centre to do your AAT assessment. This is particularly important when you want to do your AAT Assessment and the units that require a tutor to assess. To save money you can do your private studies (if you can) and look for an AAT Centre that will allow you to do your assessment with them and only pay for the units that require you to register with a training provider. If you were to be in London, I would have recommended a place where you could attend AAT tuition from as low as £150 per paper. They have qualified and experienced tutors. Their number is 02074981777

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