Work Experience to complete AAT

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does anyone know where I can find out what work experience to do to complete the AAT qualification I understand one can't fully qualify until work experience is done



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    You can pass AAT without experience but you can't become MAAT without eperience. I can't remember exactly how much, but its something like two or three years full time or equivalent. The info should be on the website, but I'm not sure where. Someone more helpful thn me will probably have more definite information or links for you.

  • Rinske
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    The top one has a podcast with information on the forms and requirements.
    The second link has the information on the site, with the requirements detailed as follows:
    Relevant work experience demonstrates that you have used the knowledge and skills you’ve developed during your AAT training.

    You will need a minimum of one year's full-time experience - or the equivalent part-time - gained since you registered as an AAT student member.
    At least 50% of your time should be spent on relevant accounting or financial tasks.
    If you spend between 33 - 49% of your time on accounting or financial tasks you must provide evidence of two years' work experience or the equivalent part-time since you registered as a student member.
    You and your employer should complete Part 1 of the Work experience and reference form (in addition we will accept a detailed job description verified by your employer).

    Other types of work experience we accept

    Teaching work
    Temporary/voluntary work
    Self-employed work

    Hope that helps.
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