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I did my level 2 last year at a local college and intend to continue with level 3 as well. I was not working then and therefore had all the time in the world to study. I would study everyday atleast an hour. Now that I have a full time job, which of course I am glad about, I feel I won't be able to give that kind of time. I have a 7 year old child and he needs my time as well. I want to make sure I can clear exams when I am investing the kind of money these courses demand. I would appreciate if somebody could tell me how much time should I need to put in every week. . Any personal experiences welcome


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    Hi Nisha,

    Put as much time as you are practically able to.

    I am in full time employment and have a 3 year old and expecting a newborn within the week. I've just taken time to do a practice paper.

    1 hour a day is a decent amount a day to fit in a paper to practice with, I do my revision when my little one goes to bed. I also use the AAT website/BPP text books to go over a few things I'm not sure about in my lunch break at work. I think the support you get in class also helps. Although my tutors aren't amazing, I have good classmates that I can ask for advice and they me, so we help each other get through the more difficult concepts.

    This is all in my opinion of course, everyone is different!
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    I had a full time job in the day, a part time job for two nights, college one night plus my kids over for three nights a week. For three seemingly endless years. Needless to say, study time was very limited and quality time for myself practically non-existent. Therefore my lunch breaks at work were the only real time where I could do any studying.

    I'm afraid if you want it enough, you have to find the sacrifices for it...
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    Hi Nisha

    Yes, you can do it!

    I started studying with a 6 month old baby and a 9 year old and finished when they were 3 and 12.

    Set some rules; be strict about childs bedtime, organised about cooking evening meal (which can be done whilst child is about), then once everyone is fed or in bed your evenings are your own.

    I was also quite lucky in that the other half would quite often take the boys out for a day at the weekend and give me some time to study; particularly useful just before exams.

    Make sure that the family know how important it is to you. It also gives you the opportunity to teach your child how important it is to study at school, if they have homework you can always sit down and do some of your homework too. Good role model.

    Like Blobby says, *if you want it enough" .......

    Good luck

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