Recommendations for a head set for a HTC Wildfire S handset?

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Hi Folks

I own a HTC Wildfire S handset. However, the head set which came with it doesn't seem to be that good. Whenever I put it on to listen to the radio, for example, there is a lot of interference on most, if not all, the stations. I haven't even been using the headset for long!

Is this interference normal? If not, how can I stop/reduce this interference? Would it worth buying an alternative headset?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  • blobbyh
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    As it will have digital tuning, it will almost certainly lock onto the station frequency but I'd just make sure it's not slightly out anyway i.e. 103.45 fm instead of 103.50 exactly...

    However, this is probably more to do with the positioning of the headphones lead. This acts as the aerial/antenna to the radio so if you're tucking it away inside clothing and/or moving around, you're probably reducing the effectiveness of it.

    Also, check the reception of the phone signal itself. If it's weak for calls, it may also be weak for radio reception.
  • geek84
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    Hi blobbyh

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Apart from the things you have suggested, would you know of any other ways in which I could improve the reception on the radio?
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