Im thinking of becoming a bookkeeper and working from home

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Hi all

Im out of work and have tried applying for several jobs, even offered to work for free just to gain experience, but am getting nowhere.
So now I have decided that I can build up my own experience by working from home and becoming a bookkeeper, but think I might need your help.

What do you suggest I do for the best, do I invest in a sage software package, and if so which one, all suggestions greatly received,
or do I work off spreadsheets and see how it goes????

Im on Level 4 at the moment and can't believe how much harder this year is!!!

I look forward to hearing form you all.



  • nicd1981
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    Hi Ruth

    The best place for you to get answers regarding this would be the MIP forum

    There already people who are working for themselves as AAT bookkeepers or accountants

    I couldnt really advise you as i am not an MIP and dont know how to go about this, but there is loads of people who ive seen give sound advice

    nic xx
    Nicola Donnelly ,MAAT, MIP, CIMA Dip MA

    Email: [email protected]
    Facbook Page: MEND Accounting
    Twitter: @mendaccounting
  • Starryeyes
    Starryeyes Registered Posts: 24 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    Hi nic,

    thanks for the advice,, im heading that way right now.

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