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Payroll qualification

guinea pigguinea pig Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 402
Following level 4, I am thinking of studying for a payroll qualification, as I have little knowledge and experience in this area, and I think it could be helpful. Has anyone studied payroll recently? any recommendations? Any advice appreciated!


  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,525
    Hello GP

    I think it depends how detailed/advanced the course you want you study.

    Have you looked in the payroll section of the student discussion forum?

    I studied the Payroll Practitioner course with CIPP. I also completed a course with the Open University which gave me member status of the IAB. Both qualifications are very worthwhile.

    Have a look here http://forums.aat.org.uk/showthread.php?33075-What-is-a-basic-payroll-qualification

    Hope this helps.

    JC :o
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