MIP Moan!

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I work for a small accountants part time and also as an accountant for a service sector company part time and then in my spare time I do a couple of tax returns, I used to be exempt under the £1000 rule but this has recently changed. My moan is that I only do 3/4 tax returns per year and earn very little, but now Ive had to register as MIP at a cost of £42 and obviously PII at £47 (which I understand), then on top of that I am now just over the tax threshold so I pay tax, Ive now been hit with NI too which I dont pay on my other two jobs due to low earnings, to put a long story short its cost me about £150 to get £300! Ive also been told that I now need to register with Data Protection at a cost of £35 on top of this! Now Im all for gaining experience by working for little or nothing but really all this for 3/4 tax returns a year! Ive tried to increase my clients but to be honest it just isnt happening, they all either turn out to be almost chartered themselves so couldnt possibly have an AAT do their shoe box accounts or are as dodgy as they come with some shady vehicle sales and money paid into "friends" accounts because they dont have an account!

Rant over! lol.
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