How did you get your first client.....

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Hi there,

I'm working on setting up my own bookkeeping businesss, so far I've built my website, I'm working on making contact with loads of local businesses via Facebook and adding my details to free advertising websites. I was wondering how others went about getting their first client?



  • groundy
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    Paid a lot of money for a block of fees from old boss
  • jamesm96
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    groundy wrote: »
    Paid a lot of money for a block of fees from old boss

    That's how I'd do it; you already know the clients then too so the retention rate will be much higher!
  • ademoore
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    Try some networking groups in your local area, and start talking to people so they know you are in business.
    Make sure your website has plenty of metatags as these are what the search engines use to pick up your site too.
  • Monsoon
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    161FRBS wrote: »
    I was wondering how others went about getting their first client?
    I was approached by a business my then-boyfriend worked for, to work in their office, do admin and bookkeeping 4 days a week. I then did 1 day a week with my mentor at his practice - I'd met him 6 months previous in the pub and we'd gotten chatting.
  • burg
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    My first client was from an advert in the local parish magazine. Most now come via Adwords and referrals

  • paulstafford
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    1st one via my website, now a mixture of website/ BNI networking group/previous work contacts/referral
  • Gem7321
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    Family friend, who had another friend, then they had another friend and so on.

    Breakfast network meetings have been a good result too.
  • T.C.
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    My first ones were contacts through my other self-employment, but then I got some through local advertising (free or very cheap adverts). Most will come by word of mouth though.
  • Natsmomma
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    I set up 18 months ago and got my website and business cards and flyers printed first. This gave me confidence in looking professional when I went out and about networking.

    I got my first client from networking, closely followed by one from my website link to a local advertising website and then from parish magazines and word of mouth. It all takes a bit of time, but now I find that I can be a little bit choosy about what I take on as I have enough work.

    The best piece of advice I received was 'don't try to sell, be yourself and people will want to buy from you'. The day I did that, everything changed and clients started coming through.

    Good luck with it all

  • sjkr
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    My first client contacted me after I put a small press release in the business section of our local paper. Free, easy to do, and it worked!
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