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Has anyone else found the Kaplan distance learning book for budgeting a bit rubbish or is it just me? I keep finding bits that seem to be repeated or sections that seem to have been missed. One of the exercises at the end of one of the chapters seems to be missing a huge chunk of the question as the answer refers to all sorts of information that isn't in the question. And there are no exercises as you go through the chapter like there has been with all the other books. :mad2:

I've used Kaplan for the whole of level 3 and three of the other modules on level 4 so far and not had any issues with the other books apart from the odd small error, so I'm wondering if this is an issue with the print run or if the budgeting book just hasn't been as well put together as the others. Just glad I've also got the Osborne book to work from as well.



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    I found (after sitting the Budgeting exam and having questions that weren't answered in the budgeting text) that Financial Performance covers everything that i was missing from Budgeting.


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