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omega man
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I know the pass rate is 70%,but does anyone know how they mark each section.
You have to be competent in each section, but how do they define that in the marking.
I get the impression you have to get a certain minimum percentage in each section but not 70%,you just need 70% overall.
What thoughts do people have on this topic?


  • Jo Clark
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    My understanding is that you require 70% in section 1 and section 2 of the exam.

    Each section is testing different areas so even if you aced section 1 with 100% and achieved 69% in section 2 you would not pass the exam.

    I could be wrong so would be interested in what other students views are.

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  • nicd1981
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    Hi Jo, Omega man,

    Jo is in fact correct, I failed an exam but had exceeded section 1 and had met 1 task and did not meet another in section 2 so failed. My tutor even appealed to AAT as i had aced section one and had just not written enough on my written task in section 2, they didnt change my result i had to resit

    you need 70% in each section

    nic xx
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  • Lolo Bean
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    Yes you definitely need 70% in each section.

    One thing that I have discovered after receiving my feedback sheet from a recent exam I failed is that, for example you have part A and B to a question. If you answer A correctly but answer B incorrectly then the whole question falls under 'Did Not Meet'. Which makes me think that if there is more than 1 part to each question that 70% is also required here?????
  • linda1967
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    exam for budget

    i just failed my exam for budget how do you know what percentage on part1 and part2 you have got right please
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Linda

    Unfortunately you can't find out the percentage achieved for each section.

    If you contact the centre where you sat the exam, they should be able to provide a feedback report which advises areas that you exceeded, met, borderline or did not meet.

    This feedback report will enable you to focus your revision to those areas highlighted.

    Good luck with the resit.

    JC :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
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